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Appartement !

January 15, 2009
Tags: everyday, paris

I have 3:42 of internet time remaining! So for fam & friends, un petit update: I found a nice apartment and I think I'll end up living there. It's a studio with a cuisine en coin - aka, a hot plate, sink, fridge, and microwave. It's in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a nice banlieu (suburbs) just outside Paris. It's a little far from school but I can take the Metro anywhere I want. The Metro system is great here! It's so easy to get around. I went on it a total of 8 times yesterday, which was a bit much, but I was apartment hunting and just kind of wandering with Deven.

Today's the first sunny day in a while, though it's still quite cold. We start our conversational French classes today. It's been nice to use French because I have to, but my accent is still quite bad and I get easily flustered. Luckily, my landlady and other French people speak English quite well. Okay. 40 seconds left. I love and miss you all!