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Monday, the second Sunday

February 16, 2009
Tags: et cetera, paris

I don't have any classes on Mondays, so today felt like another slow Sunday. I did, however, manage to get a few things done, including meeting up with a couple other Brown students to buy tickets for a 4-day weekend trip to Bruxelles (Brussels). I've never been to Belgium before! We also booked hostel rooms. Okay, so "hostel." I've always interpreted that as a cockroach-infested, 30-beds-in-one-room, cheap-n-dingy landing pad for youthful backpackers. But in looking through, I have discovered the motels of Europe! Of course, you get what you pay for — there were pictures & reviews, some looked questionable — so we chose a moderately priced one with private rooms that included breakfast. We've now got three days to plan out our activities. Any suggestions, dear reader?

Adorable things witnessed today:

  1. Tiny French boy teaching tiny French girl how to blow bubbles
  2. Scottie dog carrying empty energy drink can while out on walkies

French proverb of the day:
Ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut. — Whatever a woman wants, God wants it, too. Explanation: Il est difficile à résister la volonté des femmes. The French: so wise!

Best writing encountered today:
The OED's definition of "worm": a slender, creeping, naked, limbless animal. How delightful. Additionally, the phrase "wild worm," a whim or ‘maggot’ in the brain; a perverse fancy or desire; a streak of madness or insanity. Example:

The wylde worm ys com into hys hed,
So that by reason only he ys led.
—Henry Medwall, A goodly interlude of Nature, c. 1500