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Moment on the Métro

March 05, 2009
Tags: everyday, nonfiction

Final hours of fatigued day. Bag heavy on shoulder. Other weary waiters, prospective passengers. At last, lumbering train. Striped teal and overcrowded. Doors open: attention à la marche. Long wait for disembarkers. Châtelet commuters all exited, it's time. Surge forward, one foot on train. Bowled backward! — A late leaver! Black ballet slipper slips off. Status of shoe: on train. Status of feet: on platform. Bare foot, cold concrete. Eyes on train eye sole shoe. Clear. Second surge: successful. Both feet now on train. Bare foot slips into forsaken shoe. Buzzer blares, doors shut. Small, tight smile. Status of shoes: on feet. Status of feet: on train. Status of train: heading home.


It was indeed a bizarre sequence of events. There was also a 6-inch gap between the train and the platform — terror actually struck my heart the nanosecond my left foot registered Status of shoe: not on me!! They're my favorite pair of shoes. Anyway, I'm hoping to post some Flash Fiction tomorrow along with some/one other bloggeur(s). So stay tooned for more silly writing. (Sudden idea: Flash FAN Fiction. Better idea: Flash SLASH Fan Fiction!!!)