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Que dois-je chercher dans le Ciel ?

March 20, 2009
Tags: church, paris, poetry, type

This is a plaque in Église Saint-Sulpice. Not sure when it was engraved but it had to have been a while ago. What I find most interesting about it, aside from the glorious letterforms, is the "vous estes" in the middle. In today's French, "you are" would be "vous êtes." That circumflex accent denotes that there was an S there previously. But hark! I also see a "vous-même"! Why the circumflex there and not over "estes"? Anyone?

The other interesting thing is the use of "vous." In today's French Bibles, God is tutoyé, that is, He's called the informal tu instead of the formal vous (like Spanish tu and usted).

Here's a rough (poor) translation of the verse, which is apparently found in Psalm 72, but it seems like it's a paraphrase or something because I can't find a corresponding verse in my Bible. Anyway, translation:

What must I look for in the heavens, and what can I desire on the Earth, if not You, Lord; You are the God of my heart, and the inheritance in which I hope for eternity. Psalm 72.