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On display — diptych

March 30, 2009
Tags: art, museum, music, paris, photography

Nobody seems to like these as much as I do. I guess it's all about context. Imagine a room full of beautifully restored Greek statues in the Louvre, and then these two heads maxin' off to the side, still very much on display. The crazy packing tape just makes it for me.

A quiz, because you know I love quizzing you!
So you know how Hipster Runoff (not going to link you; I'll save you precious minutes/hours of your life) calls Animal Collective "AnCo" because it is "funnie"? Lately, I've been doing the same with other bands, too. Here are some I've been listening to lately. Can you guess them? (And no peeking at my profile!)

  1. BliTr
  2. ArFi
  3. BlaLi
  4. BoJo
  5. ThoYo
  6. BloPa
  7. GreLaS
  8. VaWe
  9. CryCa
  10. SchoSeBe