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Métro graffiti

April 12, 2009
Tags: everyday, paris

Saw this in the Métro today at Saint-Michel after visiting Shakespeare & Co and almost buying a David Mitchell novel before I realized I was already reading 4 books. Anyway, the graffiti reads: "Le système s'écroule: vite, sautons" which means "The system is collapsing: quick, jump." Clever French anarchists.

Jeanine arrived on Thursday! Consequently life has been a whirlwind this weekend. It's great that she's here, because now Deven and I are motivated to do all the things we keep meaning to do like visit the Musée Rodin (photos to come) and the Marché aux Puces (flea market), which was GLORIOUS — where else can you buy antique diving helmets, Art Nouveau candleabras, and preserved hummingbirds? Tomorrow we leave for 6 days in Nice. It is going to be epic, you guys. I'm going to make so many bad puns. We plan to laze around on little rented mattresses and pretend to be characters in Fitzgerald novels, except without depressing endings. "And so we beat on, boats against the current, until we decide to return the paddleboats and hunt for strawberry sorbet, which is yummy."