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Eze Village

April 22, 2009
Tags: gorgeous, travel

As I said, I was in Nice last week with Deven and Jeanine. It's a large city on the southern coast of France. It's about 20 minutes away from Eze, a medieval village and tourist trap with a gorgeous view. Louis the somethingth in his infinite wisdom tore down the medieval château, but parts of it remain and have been transformed into, of all things, a cactus garden.

It's astounding how humans can build such fantastic dwellings for themselves into the sides of cliffs. Some of the houses look like they're about to fall off. The red-tiled roofs were a little taste of home, for me.

Deven standing by a part of the old castle and a space-age trashcan. And the below photo needs no explanation, except that poor Deven endured this for a week and a half:

PS. I just spent forever making a list of links I like, so you'd better appreciate it, you rascals