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Jar filters

April 27, 2009
Tags: cityview, paris, photography

In a night of crazy camera experimentation with Deven, I took some pictures of the view from my apartment through a few of the many glass jars I have collected after months of eating pasta. I also used some glass cups. The above two are from that night, and the two below are from this afternoon. It's raining outside.

I have yet to try photographing anything besides a cityscape through jars. Maybe this is the next lomo, you guys! You'll see all these wannabe indie kids like myself carrying around really expensive cameras only to take blurry pictures through old jam jars. Urban Outfitters will draw up an exclusive contract with the Mason company. The edgy new photographic style will render everything obscured and totally unrecognizable. So hip, yall.

Update: I got so into this, and so into putting off writing my paper(s), that I made a Flickr group.