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Art Nouveau in We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story

May 27, 2009
Tags: animation, architecture, art, art nouveau

Remember We're Back? It came out in 1993. I had it on VHS and really liked it, even though Professor Screweyes's Eccentric Circus gave me the willies. Anyway, I was thinking about it recently, and it occurred to me that the style of Professor Neweyes's ship, from my vague childhood memories, seemed pretty turn-of-the-centuryesque. Was the art direction perhaps inspired by Art Nouveau, my newest obsession? Time to find out! YouTube came through, as it always does, and I took some screencaps and compared them with some Art Nouveau pieces. Turns out that fin de siècle art was an influence throughout the movie! Pretty proud of this:

That second-to-last screenshot is Professor Screweyes emerging from his top hat, by the way, I know it looks kind of random. Anyway, feeling pretty pleased with my long-term memory. Does the art director of We're Back know how much he or she influenced my future tastes? Probably not. Hats off to you, sir or madam.