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Pit stop in Paris

June 10, 2009
Tags: travel

I'm back in Paris for one (surprisingly productive) day before going on to Munich tomorrow with Deven. For the past week, we've been in Madrid & Lisbon! A full picture-laden post will follow but some Portuguese tile will have to suffice in the meantime.

Since coming here, as some of you have no doubt surmised, I've been super interested in the Art Nouveau style — that is, art from around the turn of the century, like Mucha and Guimard. There's not much Art Nouveau in America, save Tiffany lamps, but there's a ton in Europe, its birthplace. Thus I've en profité by seeking out as much AN as I can, and Munich for the next four days will be no exception. Deven doesn't know it yet, but he's got at least 12 hours ahead of him of wandering around Schwabing, the AN quarter of the city. He thinks he'll be exploring the old Olympic Village, eating sausages with oompah bands, and throwing back pints in beer halls... Nope! He's gettin' buildings.

In other news, I'm thinking of taking Japanese in the fall, just for kicks. I want to explore more Japanese art (and cuisine, mmm) and sometime in the future I'd love to visit Japan. Thoughts?