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Interesting quotes recently encountered, vol. n° 1

July 13, 2009
Tags: bizarre, books, fiction

"Language is the dress of thought." —Dr. Samuel Johnson, author of the first really good English dictionary, published in 1755

"Les visqueux méandres du délire..." (The viscous meanderings of delirium...) —in L'Origine de la Violence, by Fabrice Humbert, 2009

"It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and demons, since we invented them." —from East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, 1952

"An ache was on the top of his stomach, an apprehension that was like a sick thought. It was a Weltschmerz — which we used to call 'Welshrats' — the world sadness that rises into the soul like a gas and spreads despair so that you probe for the offending event and can find none." —ibid.

"Tolstoy took his first bicycle lesson at 67; he celebrated his 70th birthday by riding 20 miles and making love to his wife." —from Aging Well by James F. Fries, M.D., 1989