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Book lover's creed

December 14, 2009
Tags: books, history, library

"To love the contents of a book and care nothing about the volume itself, to love the treasure and to be unmindful of the earthen vessel that loyally holds and preserves it, is to be only half a lover, deaf to a whole series of notes in the gamut of emotion. The book lover, more richly endowed, broods over the hand that fashioned the volume he reads, and, like the Tramp-Royal, he goes on until he dies observing the different ways that different things are done, the materials, the processes, the how and what and why of the ancient mysteries of printing, paper making, type founding, ink making, press building, and binding."

— Lawrence C. Wroth, The Colonial Printer, 1938.

Wroth was an American historian, librarian, and research professor. He served for 35 years (1924–57) as head librarian at the John Carter Brown library.