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January 29, 2010
Tags: books, gorgeous, history, internet, library, words

I've switched my concentration focus (again) to an emphasis in medieval and early modern literatures and cultures. It's anybody's guess if I'll change for a fourth time before I graduate. In any case, one reason why I switched was because I'm taking so many awesome classes this semester that focus in that period, one of which is "Medieval Manuscripts: Paleography and Interpretation." Paleography is the study of manuscripts and ancient handwriting. So I'll be studying the different kinds of scripts, where they're from, what they imply about the author, what other things like bindings and ruling can tell me, and several issues in the field, like theories of authorship. I'll also be doing weekly transcriptions, most of which will probably be in Latin or Old English, languages which constitute two of my other classes this semester.

I am, as today's youth might say, "totally psyched."

If you don't soon tire of me talking about paleography, you can get even more at the National Archives website on Palaeography, which is an incredible site that teaches you all about different scripts and even has a transcription game, which I have been mocked in the past for playing. For more manuscripts, you can check out the Fine Rolls of Henry III, whence I got the above image clip, dated in the 13th century. Yeah, I have no idea what it says either, but get back to me at the end of the semester and I might be able to both transcribe and translate for a small fee of Nutter Butters and you calling me "Dr. Robin, Master of the Lost Arts" for the rest of the day.