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Neighbor Cat and the Adventures of Bad Manners

February 09, 2010
Tags: cute, everyday, what?

Today at lunch, Nate & I heard a tiny bell jingling outside the door. Upon opening it, I saw a grey blur dash past me in a flurry of furry paws and whiskers. Neighbor Cat had arrived.

Neighbor Cat wandered into the living room as Nate & I stared at her, bewildered, our lunches growing cold. We watched as she hopped onto the coffee table and then onto our Poncho Coucho. Immediately the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary caught her attention, filling me with hope that this unexpected guest would prove to be an amiable afternoon companion.


She proceeded to gnaw on our houseplants,

deupholster our furniture, and

make a deposit in Crow's dragon plant.

Neighbor Cat was quickly and indecorously ushered out. We offered her no return invitation, despite the impending snowstorm.

(Sorry Crow... Upon examination, I think it was just cat urine though. Maybe your dragon plant will now glow in the dark?)