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February 15, 2010
Tags: future, history, museum, science, travel

The iconic IBM logo, which is about 50 years old, was designed by the legendary Paul Rand. These boxes were for Typewriter Ribbon, Composer Ribbon, and Film Ribbon, respectively. Delightful!

In the future, our archaeology "digs" will take place in warehouses. Specialists will unearth old machines, clean them carefully with dustless cloths, and take them to their labs. There, they will be examined and sometimes taken apart completely. Before being stored in the museum collection, they will be labeled with something like — Year: 1980-2000?; Author: Xerox; Model number: PSC1390xz; Purpose: printing and duplicating documents on 'paper', connected to 'personal computer' with 'wires'; Of note: see ancient document crumpled in back of artifact. Specialists unable to extract document; possible reason for disposal of artifact.

Photos from The Black Hole shop in Los Alamos, NM. Summer 2009.