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Chicken Long Rice

March 22, 2010
Tags: food

Chicken Long Rice

This is a family recipe. It reminds me of the lunches Grandpa used to make me when we visited the house in La Crescenta. It must be eaten with chopsticks, slurped enthusiastically, and served in a ceramic bowl with some kind of Oriental decoration. Note that "long rice" means sai fun, not long grain rice.

  • 1 package sai fun noodles (this will make enough for like 8-10 people. Soften for 20 minutes in water or chicken broth)
  • 1 lb chicken (must be poached in water seasoned with shoyu [soy sauce] and ginger the day before, then shredded into inch-long pieces, then let sit in fridge in chicken broth/shoyu)
  • carrots, julienned
  • water chestnuts, sliced
  • bamboo shoots, softened
  • shiitake mushrooms, optional (ew)
  • celery, chopped (this is my addition because I felt it needed color)
  • ginger, diced
  • green onions, sliced
  • chicken broth
  • shoyu

Bring softened noodles and shredded chicken almost to boil in chicken broth. Add other ingredients. It's ready when the noodles are clear and the carrots are "fork-tender."

When I made mine, it came out a little watery and bland. So next time I'm going to try softening the sai fun noodles in chicken broth instead of water next time, and maybe even using more soy sauce with the chicken.