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Resources Supporting Diversity Issues and Diverse Learning Styles

Using Library Databases and Multimedia in the Classroom and Online

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Presented by Robin Davis and Maureen Richards at Faculty Development Day, John Jay College of Criminal Justice on August 26, 2015. The day's theme was "Diversity and inclusion in the academic setting."


Handout (PDF, 1MB): Covers text and video databases, search strategies, and resources for teaching online

In this workshop, we presented library resources available at John Jay that covered issues relevant to the College's departments of Africana Studies, Latin American and Latina/o Studies, Gender Studies, and more. We covered databases containing text (e.g., Black Panther newspapers available in the Black Thought and Culture) and video (e.g., newsreel footage of anti-war protests in American History in Video).

We presented a variety of resources types (text, video, audio, image) to encourage faculty to teach to multiple learning styles. We closed the session by exploring the Online Teaching Toolbox for faculty, touching on ways to incorporate the resources we'd just covered into Blackboard.

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