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Je suis arrivée

January 12, 2009
Tags: everyday, paris

Hello, dear readers! I'm in lovely Paris. It's quite early here and I'm about to head to breakfast. It looks like this week will be tellement frénétique, as I must find an apartment, open a bank account, buy a new SIM for my phone, and get around Paris via the Metro system.

Deven's also here. He seems a bit stressed, but then again we were all super fatigués yesterday.

Part of the Parisian stereotyope is TOTALLY true: they ALL dress very well! It's almost scary. The other half of the stereotype, that they're all cold-hearted snobs etc, I have found to be untrue. As Deven and I struggled through the Metro stations yesterday with our luggage (OMG so many staircases! I miss the ADA act) about six people helped us out. Without laughing at our ineptitude with the ticket machines, no less!

We're making friends with the other 17 Brown students here. It's like freshman year all over again. We're all desperate for friends and Brown's doing all they can to force us to bond. We've got a month before classes start, and in that month we'll be taking French classes at the Brown office (with homework, whaaat?) and going on little field trips to the Louvre, theater, and Chartres.

Anyway, I just paid 5€ for 1 hour of internet, so I'm going to go figure out where the nearest BNP ATM is...

(Photos will be posted eventually, when I can upload them. Although I must first actually TAKE some photos.)