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Dimanche à Paris

January 18, 2009
Tags: everyday, paris

This entry will be short because I'm using a French keyboard, so it's Hunt 'n' Peck all over again.

First, to three previous commentors: Su-yee, to make those photocollages, I made layers and set them to 'multiply.' To Kam, no, Deven hasn't found an apt, but he's looking at one in about an hour. And to Michel le Levy, thank you for telling me that a "gam" also means a pack of whales. I feel certain that no one could possibly live a full life without knowing that.

I finally took the camera for a walk today, but as the FIAP (temporary dormlike residence) doesn't allow access to USB ports, y'all will have to wait to see the sneaky pics I took of Deven contemplating Notre Dame, pondering Saint Chapelle, and looking morosely over the Seine. Sheesh kabobs, lighten up, Deven. (jk.)

One last lament: there's no good French equivalent for 'awkward.' I suppose you could call a person gauche or maladroit, but to describe an awk situation, the best they can come up with is embarrassant (sp?) which totally does not have the same connotation.

Maybe the French just aren't as awkward as we are?