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Les nuages

June 03, 2009
Tags: gorgeous, paris, photography

Taken a few hours before sunset, as the clouds prepared to become prismatic. Sunsets in Neuilly-sur-Seine have been wonderful lately. The view from my apartment is pretty expansive, so I get to see almost the whole sky! What's more, the sun doesn't go down until 10pm. How luxurious it all is.

Tomorrow, Deven & I depart for Madrid, Spain. We'll stay there for three days, then Lisbon, Portugal, for two and a half. Then back to Paris to breathe for one and a half days. Then off to Munich, Germany, for four. I've not been to any of those countries before, and neither has Deven! Adventure time! By which I mean, 10-bed hostel time! Where are my earplugs... Actually, it won't be that bad, we booked early so we got the smaller rooms in top-rated hostels. Have you any suggestions for Things To Do & See? Preferably of the Cheap As Free variety?

(BTW: I have been pretty lame on the Flash Fiction Fridays for the past couple weeks. I didn't even post the story I wrote for my own rule. It wasn't that great. When I feel better about it I'll throw it up here. Sorry fellow FFFers for having low story morale.)