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Photography prophecy

March 14, 2010

In the future, when there is worldwide wireless internet, every digital camera will come equipped with wireless capability. Every photograph taken will be geo-/tempo-/datotagged & will be immediately uploaded. You will be able to enter in an address, time, & date into the massive worldwide database to see what pictures were taken then & there. You won't have to take a camera with you on vacation; you'll be in the background of other tourists' photos. & soon after that, the camera lenses will record images in real time, so you can virtually see everything in the world as it is happening through a collage of other people's lenses.

Everything will be saved, everything. VR will reemerge as people exploit the database for nostalgic reasons. A grandmother will show her grandchild the world as it was back then more completely than any stories or family photo albums have done before.

The unfathomable mass of information will shed new light on the lacunae in our world view. Smaller countries will ban real-time photographic/video updates in a bid to attract visitors intrigued by a lack of available data. Where are no pictures being taken? What parts of the world can't we see? & soon, there will be no holes in our knowledge of everywhere we are not. The question most often asked will soon be: "That's it?"