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Apparently it's the end of July...

July 25, 2011

...and I barely even noticed the time go by, I was so busy drinking iced coffee and waving miniature flags:

me on the national mall
I really did mean to step up my writing this summer on this blog, but it's been a low priority. I have been busy with a Smithsonian internship and frolicking around DC (and a little bit of PVD and NYC).

As we speak, I am backing up my blog archives and downloading the new WordPress software. I know the site is in pretty rough shape. There's a rogue "-->" somewhere visible. The margin at the top of the page somehow disappeared. Is it bad that I am running 2.6 and the newest is 3.2? I'm a full three years behind. For shame.

That's it. I vow to update my site soon.*

* in 0 to 12 months.