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September 29, 2013

EMDA presentationMy EMDA report, a synthesis of the three weeks I spent at the Folger this summer, is online. I made a Selected Presentations page to house some of the other things I've talked about in the past few years, from class reports to workshops to panels.

This month, I've also been guest blogging for The Desk Set, a librarian collective in New York City:

I've been extremely bad about updating my Emerging Tech in Libraries blog now that the summer is but a distant sweet memory, but I will try to be more prolific there about what I'm up to in the Lloyd Sealy Library, not least because writing helps me think through my work.

As for non-library life updates, I began a master's program in computational linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center. Although I'm a fledgling linguist (fledglinguist?), it has been a fantastic first month.