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What are emerging tech librarians into this year?

January 30, 2014

This week, I attended my favorite committee meeting, the LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee, which I co-chair with Allie Verbovetskaya and Steve Zweibel. We planned out a great semester of workshops and hackathon-style work days by referring to a long list of topics we've been compiling. While we wish we could cover everything in a semester, we could only pick a few. But perhaps you'd find it interesting to see this list! What kinds of emerging (or emerged) technologies are librarians into?

Bold italic = we did this last semester.
Bold = we're doing it this semester.

  • 3D printing
  • Augmented reality: Oculus Rift, Google Glass
  • AutoHotkey
  • Backup best practices
  • Clojure
  • CMS tours: behind the scenes of Drupal, Omeka, &c
  • Collaborative tools (e.g., Google Docs, Editorially)
  • Data structures, normalization
  • Data viz hackathon (ft. Gephi, R, D3)
  • eResource mgmt: SFX, SerialsSolutions
  • Gaming software
  • GIS
  • Google Analytics, beyond SEO
  • HTML & CSS for library web services
  • LaTeX
  • Legacy computing/computers
  • LibGuides API
  • Makerspace tour + happy hour
  • Mapping your library
  • MARCedit
  • Microcomputing: RPi, Arduino, Makey Makey!
  • Pedagogical design software for teaching critical information literacy skills
  • PHP
  • Preparing to accept digital archival materials
  • Python & MARC
  • Python hackathon (ft. CSVs, regexes)
  • R
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Regular expressions
  • Responsive web design
  • RFID
  • Ruby
  • Semantic Web/Linked Data
  • SPSS
  • Tacit knowledge (e.g., keyboard shortcuts)
  • Twitter bootstrap implementation
  • Usability testing
  • Version control (Git, SVN)
  • Video tutorial creation & editing
  • Web frameworks: Node.Js, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boiler plate
  • Wikipedia: sponsoring edit-a-thons and/or generating traffic to your library's resources
  • WorldCat API
  • XML (simple editing)

We also held a popular Demo Day last semester where any CUNY librarian could share a digital project they've been working on, big or small, finished or in progress. We'll be doing that each semester.

What's missing from this list, readers?

Suggested by Rob Sanderson: linked data