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March 24, 2009
Tags: everyday, paris
  • faces on the métro behind books & papers, all sporting clefts between brows
  • a new sculpture on boulevard saint-michel: a copper ball splitting open on a platform; no description or explanation; no other pedestrians seem surprised or confused or even slightly interested
  • a young woman enthusiastically and kindly offering a carton of eggs to a homeless man who holds a sign: "j'ai faim"
  • welcome sign of the library of la sorbonne with hours posted; it's only open 14 hours per week total (by comparison, the rock is open for over 100 hours per week)
  • "j'ai faim" man again 20 minutes later, no eggs in sight, but a cigarette between his lips
  • a store called "bookbinders design" that sells blank notebooks beautifully bound in various sizes and carefully selected hues
  • a man laughing after I jumped in surprise at a loud sound from a construction site across the street
  • graffiti: "vive sarko"