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The value of live prototyping

April 25, 2023

I’m (gladly) becoming notorious for saying stuff like “let’s whiteboard it out” and “I’m a visual person, can I pull up a Whimsical board?” during meetings. So that’s the topic of my new post for LibTech Insights: the value of live prototyping.

Imagine you’re in a meeting about a new service workflow. Patrons can now request laptops to use for a week. The goal is to figure out what the patron sees on the request form on your website. Things are getting… hand-wavy.

It’s at this point—overlapping, speculative discussion—when people might start to lose track of what they’ve found consensus on and what the imagined page and workflow will look like. That’s when I always suggest doing live prototyping.

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I write monthly posts for LibTech Insights, a blog about technology in academic libraries from Choice, an ACRL/ALA publisher.